BLUE Stealth Bucket Space Bucket

BLUE Top BLUE Bottom

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  • Just add soil & seed
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  • Can be upgraded with bulb kit to Super Mega 7800 lumens.

Includes everything needed to grow spectacular AUTO FLOWER or garden plants indoors 

-or start plants for outdoor gardens.

If you are growing plants other than auto flower that require a dark period, then this must be kept in a dark closet or similar space during that cycle.

In order to GLOW spectacularly, these work with standard white vinyl or hi intensity white reflective sheeting on the inside.


  Upper and lower buckets

  Air flow system with fan, power adapter & carbon filters

  Internal reflective medium in both upper & lower halves (options available)

  4000 lumen lighting system

  Timer included

  Bulbs included (options available)

  Heavy velcro latches with alignment guides to secure halves

  Internal grow container (options available)

  External watering system

  Detailed instructions 

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Product is sold with a 1 year warranty on components and due to the nature of the product & shipping, all sales are FINAL. 

BLUE STEALTH BUCKET Space Bucket 4000 lumens, 30 watts