NEW! Stealth Bucket UFO 2.0 WHITE

NEW design, with external UFO light gives even MORE internal height for plants.

(Picture varies slightly from design as UFO light is now on top instead of inside providing more room, there is a side mounted circulation fan with carbon filter, and the UFO sticker now says UFO 2.0)


  • IN STOCK!!! Buy direct and save!!!
  • 150 watt equivalent LED UFO grow light draws only 30 watts.
  • Allows additional 3" internal grow height over standard bulb models without an extention!
  • Just add soil, water, & seed!
  • Hundreds of Stealth Buckets SOLD!

Includes everything needed to grow spectacular plants indoors 

-or start plants like tomatoes for outdoor gardens!

Excellent for your kitties fresh catnip supply and latchable!


  • Upper and lower buckets
  • Air flow system with fan & carbon filter
  • Internal white medium efficiently reflects light and makes a beautiful GLOW!
  • Timer included
  • UFO 150/30 watt LED grow light included
  • Velcro latches with alignment guides to secure halves
  • Internal grow bag container
  • External access watering system
  • Detailed instructions 

For international shipping please use my store on ebay!

  • Product is sold with a 1 year warranty on components (except separate UFO lights that are not warrantied by us) and due to the nature of the product & shipping, all sales are FINAL.
  • Due to complicated supply lines UFO powered Stealth Buckets may require additional handling time.

NEW! Stealth Bucket UFO 2.0 WITH UFO LED grow light, WHITE